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It’s easy to find your way to No. 15 on the road called Karlsuddsvägen, where the Compass and the Cabin are situated.  

Drive to Vaxholm. When you have passed the exit to Resarö and the bridge over to Vaxholm, take the second turnoff road to the right (immediately after the Statoil station).

Drive over Pålsundsbron bridge and continue until you can catch a glimpse of the Bogesund Castle between the trees to the right. Just before the castle, there is a turnoff road to the left (very near a simple bus shelter). This is the road called Karlsuddsvägen.

Continue on it until you see the sign that says “Gun i Backen” (Gun on the Hill) on the left. Drive to the left up the hill, where you will find the parking area.

To come by boat, see the timetable of the ferry company Waxholmsbolaget

Uppdated 26 06 2012