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In the 17th century, Count Karl Brahe lived in Rydboholm Castle and his son, Karl, received property at the far end of the promontory. Promontory in Swedish is “udde” or “udd” so the name means “Karl’s promontory.” Around 1900, people from Stockholm began to build summer cottages here and the area quickly became a popular resort in the inner archipelago. It is often said about Karlsudd that it unites the nature of the outer archipelago with the vegetation and greenness of the Lake Mälaren region. Karlsudd entered the 21st century with a unique combination of outstanding natural surroundings and a great number of very old and very valuable residences.

Close surroundings: In Karlsudd, it’s never far to the great outdoors, with many walking trails and bicycle paths. For the golfer, there’s “Waxholms Golfklubb,” which is less than 5 km away. At the jetty by Bogesund Castle, about a kilometer from “Gun on the Hill,” there is an area for swimming, with a sandy beach, cliffs and an outdoor grill. Behind the castle is a pleasant café. If you walk just over a kilometer to the Karlsudd jetty at the farthest end of the promontory, you can go swimming at the small beach there. This is also the jetty for regular boat trips to Vaxholm and Stockholm. See the timetables of the ferry company, Waxholmsbolaget.

A notable sight in the area is Bogesund Castle, built by Count Per Brahe the Younger in 1654.

Tourist information:
For more information on what to see and do in Vaxholm, visit or contact the Vaxholm Tourist Office, phone +46 (0)8-541 314 80. There are also brochures in each of the cottages.

Uppdated 26 06 2012